Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running Groove

That picture of me was from 5 years ago. I was running then. I have this one memory of one run I did. I was at a track and it was packed. The usual runners and walkers. There was track & field practice. There were two different camps going on. I no longer had a running buddy so I was on my own. I started doing my laps. I like tracks because it's easy for me to measure the distance I've run and I don't have to carry my water bottle. I ran and ran. I ran more laps than I normally did and I didn't stop. As I finished another lap, the track and field coach started cheering me on. He encouraged me to keep going and I was doing a good job. After each lap, he'd stop coaching, turn to me, and gave me encouragement and I ran by. He didn't have to do that. He had his own team he was coaching. And yet he took the time to motivate me too. I really appreciated it and I think it helped to keep me going. I always thought of this as being in my running groove.  

Too bad I stopped running after that year and for 5 years following. 

Today, I went for a run. I haven't gone for one in 2 weeks since I started Insanity. I was a bit apprehensive as usual. Old habits die hard. Brings me back to my elementary and high school days where I was always one of the last ones to finish laps. It was also 25C and last time I tried running in the heat, I was hot and wheezy. I ate oatmeal again this morning as a pre-workout food. 

The run went.. amazing. 1 run around my block = 1.5km. The first lap, was a breeze (besides the sharp cramp in my upper right quadrant under my rib which forced me to stop and massage out). I stopped to stretch and drink water. I ran another 2 laps to finish off at 4.5km. I stopped only to drink water and a little to catch my breath. But I ran it without walking. My HR stayed elevated between 160-172. I'm thrilled. I'm finally feeling my running groove again. 

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