Thursday, July 19, 2012

How it Began & my workout

I started working out a month ago. Why? To get into shape. To elevate my heart rate as it hadn't been elevated in 4 years. And I eat like crap. Gotta balance it out. That works right?

I aim to do cardio 4-5x/week for at least 30 mins. I mix it up or else I know I'll get bored.

I sometimes run. I made it my goal to run 5km and to be able to go for a run in Hawaii. Running around the block = 1.5km. I can run 1/2 of it and do 3 laps. It takes about 30-35mins to do 4.5km. I tried running when summer kicked in and it's rough to run in the heat. I can't tell if I like running. Sometimes running sucks. But I always feel good afterwards.

I hop on the elliptical for a 10 min warm up before I do exercises videos. I like:

P90X Kenpo
Billy Banks Tae Bo Jump Start Cardio
Island Girl Workout Hula Abs and Buns

I love jumping. I love jumping jacks (Jumping Jacks Routine). I love jump rope (I do 1000 in total. 100/set).

I do an ab routine every other days.
planks: 3x 1 min each
leg raises, bicycle cruncheshorizontal scissor kicksscissor kicks
This flat abs routine (up to 4:20) is similar to what I do (minus the horizontal scissor kicks).

On off-cardio days, I try to do Sadie Nardini's Fat Burning Yoga Workout

I started Insanity. It is INTENSE. I will blog separately about that.

One day, I will run along the Waikiki Beach boardwalk

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