Monday, July 30, 2012

P90X Cardio X

My bf suggested I try the P90X Cardio X dvd today. I've never done it but I assumed it was a cardio dvd. I had an off day on Sunday so I was hoping to do some cardio today. Turns out Cardio X is a low impact workout. I personally thought it was low intensity (or maybe I'm slowly adapting to Insanity?). After the warm up, I didn't even break a sweat. Stretching involved yoga which was nice. The rest of the dvd involved kickboxing moves, various jumps, and some ab exercises. I altered some of the moves for preference. For example, instead of jump shots (pretend you're jumping up to shoot a basketball), I did squat jumps where you start in a squat then jump up.  My HR was around 146 which I wasn't too happy with. I'd like it to be at least over 150. Afterwards, I went out for a quick 1.5km run around my neighbourhood hoping to boost up my HR. But if anything, my HR dropped down to 130. Maybe I'm becoming more cardio efficient? Definitely won't do Cardio X as a cardio workout but it's good as a low impact activity and to develop some muscle strength.

Anywhos, gotta study for a final now. Here's my current favourite workout song.

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