Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 5 Insanity Workout Fail

Yesterday was rough. I dealt with it in an emotionally healthy way (through friends and crying)  and possibly unhealthy way (I went out and bought peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream and ate it). I debated if I was going to regret it the next day when I do my workout. But two things on my side. One, it did pacify me. Two, I did not eat the whole tub (although it could have happened). I ate till I was satisfied and realized I ate a little over 1/2 cup which is perfect. Moderation was the key.

Twentyfourcarat blogged about 15 reasons to exercise and be healthy which I really liked.


Well, today was a fail. Really frustrating. Day 5 Pure Cardio started with a familiar warm up of sprinting/jogging, knee kicks, butt kicks, and jumps. But after the 10 mins, I did not feel good. My stomach was cramping. I was nauseous and lightheaded. At first I thought it was because my abs were sore from the oblique crunches yesterday. I tried to push through it during the stretch and I started feeling like I was going to pass out. I took a break and laid down. My colour came back and I felt a lot better. I jumped right into the workout. I liked it! Football sprints, jumping, lunges, punching, kicks, and of course squats. Halfway through the workout, I was coming down for a squat and I felt something pull in my inner thigh from my groin down to my knee :( I must've landed funny. After that, my knee was straining. I tried to stretch out that muscle but every squat and jump made it feel worse. It really sucks because I realized I was getting better at the power drills where you jump up, down for 8 pushups (I'm up to 5 hah), then alternate drawing your knees up 8x and repeat. I didn't want to screw up my knee like I did with my foot and not be able to workout 4 days so I stopped :( I only had 7 mins left! My knee is feeling all right now but it doesn't feel normal when I go up and down stairs.

I guess I'll take it easy and do Pure Cardio again on Monday.  Not too concerned about sticking to the schedule as long as I still do the workout.

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