Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 3 Insanity workout

Well I guess it's technically day 4 but I'll just write it in the order that the workout's supposed to be in.

I found Cardio Power and Resistance was more doable. I don't know if it's because I took a day off yesterday and my muscles were ready for it. Warm up was similar and a workout in itself with variations of jogging and different jumps and kicks. Then it's bursts of exercises which consists of different squats, jumps, and pushups. I'll be honest. I haven't actually really seen the informercials but had I know there'd be this many squats and pushups, I probably wouldn't have started. But here I am doing them. My HR stayed around 160 whereas on Day 2, it was around 180. I had instances of being lightheaded. I think that's moreso having to switch back and forth from jumping to down on the floor for pushups. It was good. I felt better afterwards than Day 2.

In the beginning of Insanity, they mention you need running shoes. It's true. I didn't think it was necessary till I screwed up my right foot doing jumping jacks with bare feet.

I found HealthLinkBC has a Target Heart Rate Tool. I'm not sure what my workout routines are considered. If I'm moderately active, it should be 144-156 beats/min. If I'm very active, 156-167.

1 mango, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 handful of carrots, 6 strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 chopped frozen bananas, splash of milk (maybe 1/4 cup?), and 1/2 cup Greek yogurt = 3 servings of smoothies. I'm still horrible at trying to figure out how much fruit and veggies to put in. I usually make too much. 

Had my normal fruit/veggie smoothie and eggs with natto (Japanese fermented beans) for breakfast. 

I will do my usual ab routine tonight while watching Breaking Bad with le bf. 

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