Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 5 Insanity Workout

I did a bad thing yesterday and I know that I should know better. My dog's not doing so good. He's hobbling on 3 legs and can barely stand or walk. So he lays down when I take him outside to the bathroom. I let him rest for about 5 mins or so, then I have to lift him back to his feet so we can go back inside and he can rest. The thing is, my dog is 95lbs and he resists standing up so he's solid dead weight. My knee was also bothering me. So what did I do? I lifted with my knees 25% and my back 75%. My dog would get back up, then lay down. And I kept lifting him and strained my right hip/thigh in the process. I looked it up and looks like I strained my right vastus externus, the outer thigh muscle. I tried to stretch it out with yoga last night but it didn't work.

It twinged today while doing Day 5 Pure Cardio. It's all those squats and jumps. I took more breaks than I would've liked. But I got through it. I sweated like a beast as usual. Normally, I drink about 2 cups of water throughout my workout. Halfway through, I was out of water already and had to get more. While coming down the stairs, I started to see black stars. Had to take a few minutes break with my head between my knees before jumping back into it again. Stamina was pretty weak today. Now my right quad is really bothering me.

I've been thinking about a few things.

1. I need to eat more and better. For a few weeks now, I just haven't had much of an appetite and only eat when I'm hungry. I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for my daily junk food, I wouldn't even meet my daily caloric requirements.  Lately I eat breakfast (fruit/veggie smoothie), a snack, dinner (home cooked meal with meat, veggies, and carbs), and a snack. And my snacks consists of ice cream or peanuts. Also I've been stressing about my dog. I did try to eat more today. My post workout meal was maple/cinnamon bread with peanut butter and banana. Then I made myself eat lunch today and that was 2 eggs, bitter melon, and rice pilaf.

My current favourite snack (although I found out 1/3 cup=300 calories. Good grief nuts pack a punch)

2. I probably need more protein since I keep hurting myself. I'm trying to incorporate that.

3. Considering how horrible my stamina is with Insanity, I'm thinking I'm going to have to start eating before a workout. I don't usually because I don't want to get nauseous or cramp. But I just don't have the energy for it. I'm sure my body would appreciate having something to work with rather than ice cream or peanuts from the night before.

I found another blog that covers his experience with Insanity: Squawk Asian Insanity Workout

I'm going to google what I can eat prior to a workout. I hear banana is good.

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