Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weight is a Number

When I was a pre-teen/teenager, the scale played a pretty central part of my life. Even now, I remember how much I weighed when I was 12 (140 lbs), 14 (98 lbs), 18 (128 lbs). I had this imaginary number in my head (115lbs). If I was over, I weighed too much. If I was under, I was safe. As I got older, I stopped weighing myself obsessively and learned to slowly accept myself. Funny enough, my weight stabilized as a result and it has remained the same for the most of my 20's. 

During my last term of nursing school, I lost weight. It was a combination of adjusting to shift work and the stress of school. I was exhausted and cold all the time. Yesterday, I weighed myself and realized I weigh 8 lbs more than I did then (3 months later). A small part of me slightly panicked because I haven't weighed this much in years. Given it's only a few pounds over my norm. And then the rational part of me took over.

I feel great. 

My clothes still fit me. If anything, my pants fit better around my legs (they used to just hang) because I'm developing muscle. I can do squats and pushups. I increased my dumbbell weights. I'm trying to make working out part of my life. I have way more energy than I did three months ago. 

And I realized, weight is a number. It's a number just like how many pushups I can do in a row, stairs I can climb, distance I can go. 

Off topic, but it's been sunny in Vancouver. No rain and it's warm. Amazing. Don't judge me but I totally drove to the gym and did cardio (20 mins on stairmaster, 40 mins on bike) even though I have a bicycle at home and I know a place outdoors that has a good set of stairs I can climb. Oh well. 


  1. Great post with lots of truth!! Weight is definitely just a number and I use to be obsessed with it too prior to learning what I know now. I have a pair of black pants that always tells me how I'm doing because some days they will be super tight while other days they will be loose... since I'm trying to maintain weight, I want to make sure they fit just right!

  2. Definitely just a number! Though I weigh myself weekly to track progress, I pay more attention to the measuring tape as an indication of how i'm doing as well as seeing how my clothes fit and how i look in general! Keep up the good work!