Monday, March 18, 2013

Insanity Attempt #2- Fit Test

This blog is a little sad isn't it? I write sporadically about working out and then go for long periods without anything. At least it's honest!

My workouts since I started working have been all right. I don't do it as often as I like to. I still do my abs/legs/arms days. I go at a leisurely pace and my show of choice is Real Housewives of Vancouver to get me through. I work out 2-4x/week. I went to the gym with my bf the other week and I didn't think the machines really did much but my arms were sore the next day! It was enough of a motivation for me to pay for a card to use the gym. I'll try to go once a week with my bf.

My friend and I have decided to attempt Insanity again. We don't do it physically together but we will try to follow the same schedule as each other. I like to think that's more motivating. Not suprisingly, the cardio put my body into shock. The last time I did cardio was my one run at the beginning of this year hah. My heart was racing. I was dizzy and nauseous. I threw up 3/4's through the workout. I was visualizing my oxygen supply and demand imbalance and my body thinking wtf is this sh*t. This seems to be the norm. But once I get over that dizzy vomiting hurdle, then my body accepts cardio. The 20 minute workout was like 45 mins for me with all the breaks I took.

I found my legs and arms are actually stronger compared to my first attempt at Insanity (which I didn't even make it through 2 weeks). My workouts must be doing something haha.  My bf thinks my body's not the problem; it's my mentality that's the biggest hurdle.

Here's my first fit test:

Switch kicks: 60
Power jacks: 37
Power knees: 75
Power jumps: 25
Globe jumps: 9
Suicide jumps: 12
Push up jacks: 15
Low plank obliques: 56

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